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Saab Engineering

The company established a most modern plant for fabrication of LPG cylinders in Industrial Estate, Gujranwala. Cylinders are sold in rural areas in order to increase the network of LPG marketing. The Cylinders are manufactured under the complete and approved safety plans according to required engineering standard.

With the growth of the company, this plant is manufacturing Cylinders of different capacity for its own use and also fulfilling other LPG marketing companies’ requirements. The company has also introduced new and unique sizes of 6, 7 and 20 Kg cylinders in addition to 11.8 Kg. Range of sizes are 6, 7, 11.8, 15, 20, 45.4 Kgs. Cylinders manufactured by the company are having world safety standards and explosive proof. This plant is also ISO 9002 certified.

Cress LPG