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Cress LPG (Pvt)Ltd.

Cress LPG (Pvt.) Limited was incorporated in April 2003. Initially, it was granted provisional license for construction of LPG storage and filling facilities. After receipt of the provisional license, it rapidly started construction of the filling plant at 23 km Multan Road, Lahore. Test run was made in Dec. 2003. The company started its operations in 2004.
The company has planned to set up other filling and storage facilities at different places in the all provinces of Pakistan. New plant has been established in Jhang with filling capacity of 50 M. Tons and storage capacity of 75 M. Tons.
It has excellent capability to take up the task with diligent approach, excellent technology and standardized safety measures.
In future its turnover will definitely increase to cater the growing needs of LPG by the general public for domestic fuel as well as automobile sector. Lahore Plant;



Present Storage Capacity

750 M.Tons

1000 M. Tons

Planned Storage Capacity

Filling Capacity

120 M. Tons Per Day

Cress LPG